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Kayak through a maze of the largest concentration of Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies in the world right here on the Catawba River in South Carolina. No experience needed. Blooming only happens once a year from May to June! LIMITED AVAILABILITY, TRIPS SELL OUT IN ADVANCE!!! Advanced booking is highly recommended!!!!

This large lily has adapted to live in a very harsh environment and puts on one of the greatest natural “shows” on the east coast. During their peak bloom from about mid-May to mid-June, these plants cover the river in a blanket of white. You get the opportunity to join our river guides and paddle through a river covered in beautiful flowers as far as the eye can see! Landsford Canal State Park is also home to a variety of wildlife with trips getting to see eagles, osprey, turtles, red winged black birds and even a deer or two swimming from the island to the woods in front of kayakers as they pass through.

- The cost of your trip includes guides, all gear (boat, paddle, PFD), shuttle, boat drop/pickup and cold beverage after trips. After boating you can enjoy a short hike through the Canal trail to take in a ton of pre-railroad history, nature and even a chance to see the nesting eagles. The hike option also provides another photo opportunity of a splendid panoramic view of the lilies!!!
The trail takes you back to the parking lot via a 1.2 mile flat trail. Those who do not wish to walk can request a shuttle ride back to the parking lot.

When and where: Landsford Canal State Park in SC on weekends from May 14th to June 12th (Trips start to sell out in February) 

3 trips daily: 8:30 AM , 12 PM and 3:30 PM

Cost:  $75 per person. To add a child under 70 lbs to your boat the cost is $50.

Children (age 5 and up) welcome. Anyone under 70 pounds must be in boat with parent/guardian. Youths 71-100 pounds must book a youth kayak but parents must be confident in the ability of the child to paddle the duration of the trip.  Note weight in boats for this trip must remain below 300 lbs because the lilies grow on shoals (very shallow areas). 

Message or call us for private group options. Available for a minimum group size of 12 to max size 25.
Private groups must be booked well in advance! The lilies begin selling out in February!
Photo purchasing details: $25 for a zip drive of your trip. 

For park info check out http://www.southcarolinaparks.com/landsfordcanal/landsfordcanal-unique.aspx

If you enjoyed your experience remember; Guides appreciate tips! 



Due to the nature of this trip we highly encourage getting trip insurance or being 100% confident in your ability to re-book. The lilies have a 1 month blooming period. The river is also dam controlled and while Duke Power guarantees recreational flow for the lilies on weekends; they cannot control flooding events. If we cancel due to weather/flooding you will be able to re-book your trip ONCE free of charge. Cancelled trips must be re-booked within the same calendar year of your booking and can be moved to any of our 21 trip options. For more information on this please visit our FAQ page.

FAQ for the Lily Paddle Trips:

Why can’t we offer this during the week?
Trips run on weekends only because Duke Power guarantees recreational flow releases on Saturday and Sunday. What this means is that water levels during the week are most likely to shallow for paddling while on weekends Duke supports recreation by supplying water.

How fit do I need to be for this trip?
The river has no true rapids but guests must be confident in their ability to paddle for at least two hours (we do take several breaks). The lilies grow on shoals, shallow rocky areas. What this means is that guests should be confident in their ability to navigate their boats around lots of shallow rocks, which can be tiring for some. The put-in for the boats is very easy the take out includes getting out via an embankment in moving knee deep water. Our guides are there to help you throughout the entire trip of course.

Can I bring my own boat?
No sorry. When we started running lily paddle trips many moons ago we did allowed it. We have found that it creates too many problems. Our guides focus is on our guest experience and that experience includes providing boats, gear, guides and shuttle service. We hope you understand!


Name Rate (Per person)
Inflatable Kayak (adult: 100-275 lbs) $75
Small inflatable kayak (youth/small adult: 70-170) $75
Ride along child (under 70 lbs - share with adult) $50
Hard Kayaks $75


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