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Though ice climbing is not common in NC we typically get a 2-3 week window most winters. Join NC Outdoor Adventures in the challenge of this fantastic sport. In this 8-hour course you will learn ice climbing technique and how to mitigate risk using double rope systems. While this does not eliminate all risk, it does eliminate some of the risk by increasing redundancy. You will  learn ice climbing technique, the use of ice screws for lead protection, anchors and belaying double ropes. All climbing by students will be done on top rope with opportunity for mock leads.

Ice climbing while fun and exhilarating is the most dangerous form of rock climbing outside of Alpine Mountaineering. Dangers arise from using sharp objects while climbing with soft ropes. Another hazard comes from poorly reading ice conditions and climbing when ice is not well formed.

Who is this for:  Anyone with climbing experience, who belays well and has a basic understanding of climbing anchors. Ages 16+

What you need: winter clothes, crampons and gaiters. We highly recommend crampon compatible boots. You will also need water and food. Remember water can freeze in these conditions so make sure you have some type of insulator. Wide mouth Nalgene bottles are a must.

Cost: $250 (minimum of two required for this trip to take place)

Class Size: 2-6 people, 3:1 client to guide ratio

Locations: vary but typically within an hour of Boone or Asheville

When: follow us for announcements of when the ice is in. This will be announced through our social media pages. Follow fb for sure!!!

Note: Hot beverages will be served by NCOA at these events

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