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Highly Recomend

Since their website said kids as young as 5 or 6 could do what we were doing I didn't think it would be a big deal. Turns out that our older person is not as coordinated as I thought ( nothing ever goes as planned). After about 5 minutes on the trip we saw that she was not gong to be comfortable with taking the trip. They immediately helped by putting her in the larger boat and having someone else take turns paddling her boat. She had the time of her life, as well as everyone else we brought with us. I wish I could remember their names but I don't think it matter because EVERYONE who works there was amazing. Thank you for helping my family create memories.

Date of experience: July 25, 2020

You are in good hands

I’ve done a winter hike and a summer hike with this group now . Both have been wonderful . The guides keep you safe and they are knowledgeable about the area . They do rescue training for public safety crews so you know you are in good hands whether you are doing a basic hike , rafting or repelling down waterfalls!

Date of experience: July 5, 2020

Whitewater kayaking on the "toe river"

My first time in a kayak was a wonderful experience with NC Outdoor Adventures. The equipment was great and all the support I needed was provided. Nathan was a wonderful instructor and leader. He stressed safety and taught me everything I needed to know to be safe and have fun. The river was beautiful and we stopped along the way at interesting rock formations. Nathan's enthusiasm and sense of humor made the trip easy in spite of the challenges in some of the rapids. I cannot wait to come back next summer and do it again. Thanks for a super first time experience.

Date of experience: November 13, 2019

So zen!

This family-owned business is caring and they've covered all the details. All I had to do was show up, and they took great care of me! The river is clean, cool and gorgeous. I left feeling like I'd had a spa day!

Date of experience: August 2019

Family Rappelling Trip

We had an awesome day with Mike and Paige. We had a large family group with our oldest being 74 years old. We took our time hiking up to our first rappelling location. Mike and Paige were very patient and let us set the pace. When we reached the first location they set up a sun shade which was a great place to get out of the sun and stay cool.

Mike set up all the lines then gave us a safety briefing. We were always on a safety tether when we approached the edge. We were also always on a safety tether to Mike once we started the rappel.

Mike gave us instructions on how to work the rappelling equipment and we each practiced on the flat area of the mountain. Then we took turns rappelling down. It was so fun. We were all cheering each other on and taking pictures.

The second location was in the same place but off a different part of the mountain. We got to rappel through a cave roof.

After the second rappel we were given the choice to hike up the the summit. Some of us hiked up with Paige and it was well worth the slightly strenuous hike and the heat. It was so pretty.

After the summit most of our group hiked down to the parking lot. My two daughters and I - ages 16, 21 and 50 hiked to a different location a rappelled down 200 feet.

I always felt safe. It was obvious Mike knew what he was doing and safety was his number one priority.

The weird thing about it was you never felt like you were going off a 40, 100 or 200 foot cliff because you went down backwards and your feet were in contact with the wall. I'm not a huge fan of heights and I even stopped to look around and down and take pictures.

We were told to bring 2 liters of water per person. We thought that was a way too much. It wasn't. Bring tons of water and leave some in a cooler in the car. We drank every water we brought with us. There are pit toilets in the parking lot.

Side note: I like to get to know the people guiding my family. Mike and Paige were very friendly and were happy to share their passion for the outdoors with us.

Date of experience: July 2019

Intro to rock climbing in Linville Gorge

My 8 year old daughter and I went on this adventure and had an incredible time. Nathan, our guide, was so helpful, enthusiastic, and optimistic throughout the day that he definitely got us to feel safe and try things we are very apprehensive to do initially. I am so proud of my daughter, and myself, and am so thankful we had this experience. Highly recommended.

Date of experience: November 2019

Super family-friendly

We brought 23 people for a family reunion, and they were great. We floated the river, and they gave us the flexibility of getting out when we were ready at several different spots. They just kept an eye on the river, so they were there to help us get out when we were ready. It was great that everyone in the family could participate and have fun.

Date of experience: July 2019

"Run, do not walk, to NC Outdoor Adventures"
My wife and I met up with two other people at Pilot Mountain. The others did rock climbing while we rappelled for the first time. The staff was very patient in explaining how the rigging worked and making us comfortable. It felt more like hanging out with family and friends rather than hiring a guide/instructor. The cost is very reasonable, especially compared to the competition.

Awesome time with group of 14 people Rappelling at Crowders Mountain. NC Outdoor Adventures group was friendly, ensured safety first, encouraging, helpful, wonderful group who taught us how to rappel for the first time! It was awesome! I felt safe, as they explained and taught us things we as beginners needed to know! They ensured triple safety, two ropes, triple linked in, person on top holding/coaching you as well as person on the bottom to help take you off the lines. They were organized and kind! I'd encourage you to take a trip with Christy and Scott to Rappel! They offer waterfall rappelling, rock climbing, canyoneering, ice climbing, kayak, and more! Excellent price to boot. One of the only groups licensed and insured as I searched...local to Concord, NC! I'd advise everyone to take a rappelling adventure! I got to do it 4 times on different lengths at the top of Crowders. 1/2 day adventure was the BEST for us :-)

I've done multiple adventures thru NC Outdoor Adventures (NCOA) - Intro To Rock Climbing, Top Rope Anchors, Crevasse Rescue and the list goes on.... I've always enjoyed my experience with NCOA and the guides they bring out. Everyone of the guides is experienced, credible in the community of outdoor adventures and can teach - which is a big deal. All of my experiences are from the standpoint of someone at a novice level to climbing and mountaineering. I've learned a great deal in a short time because of the talent brought out to teach. I will attend a few more events for sure with NCOA and I hope everyone else will too. I've met some really cool locals thru these events. 
Zeal H.

I was referred to NC Outdoor Adventures by a good friend and longtime climber last summer. It was my first time climbing ever (indoor or outdoor) and to say I was frightened was an understatement. The Thrift's soon had me feeling at ease in the harness and quite addicted to the adrenaline rush. They were more than fair in their pricing, they made me feel safe even as a first timer, and I would definitely use them again (and have). If you want real personalities, true passion for the sport, and someone who honestly enjoy sharing their love of the climb with others, you cannot go wrong with NC Outdoor Adventures. Good luck and great climbs! Daneen G

I have been on several trips with NC Outdoor Adventures and really enjoyed all of them. Scott is a great teacher and very patient. Gail M.


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